KOMERA Inc. is a seasoned hot pepper sauce business launched by Claude M. Ndeba in May 2019. This hot pepper fan wanted to meet the needs of the market, by offering a sauce that’s already making clients drool.

Published by CDEM on November 24, 2020

Originally from BURUNDI, Claude M. Ndeba arrived in Canada in 2005. He tells the story that led him to create his famous spicy sauce which now delights Manitobans: “When I arrived in Canada, I wanted to continue to eat hot pepper sauce because I really like it, but the products in store were not totally satisfying. Something was missing from what I used to eat. So, I decided to create my own homemade recipe for my family and my friends with fresh ingredients of hot peppers, garlic, ginger…”

“My friends and family really loved it and started asking me to prepare more for them. As the demand was increasing, I quickly realized that I couldn’t continue to provide it because fresh hot peppers are expensive on the market. At this point, my friends and my family told me that they were ready to purchase KOMERA Original. “

This is the beginning of a new adventure for Claude M. Ndeba. Following his friends and family suggestions, he started up a business and launched in May 2019. “I had to take it to another level to satisfy the demand!” he recalls.

He says, “I am an accountant. I have a Master’s degree in finance and accounting. It helped me get easily through the different stages of starting my own business. “

As for the name of his company, Claude M. Ndeba chose “KOMERA” because “in my mother tongue, Kirundi, it’s a greeting and a verb that means, “Be healthy and be strong.” I thought it was fitting for the hot pepper sauce! Also, it’s a short, easy-to-pronounce word for everyone.”

KOMERA Original Hot Pepper Sauce is now available in ten Winnipeg stores (1). Claude M. Ndeba explains: “I quickly started approaching these stores. I was not in a position to do home deliveries, so the idea of ​​in-store sales really spoke to me.

 “There are different ethnic and international shops here in Winnipeg. I approached them and their response was very positive. Now, store managers report to me that there are customers that come into the store just for KOMERA Original, hot pepper sauce! This is really a source of pride for me. “

The entrepreneur is satisfied with his journey so far, but he has dreams of going even further:

“I wish I could make this hot pepper sauce accessible across Manitoba first and then sell it across Canada. I have friends in Quebec who ask me to ship them my sauce! There is a real demand in Canada for this product. I have good reasons to believe that there is room for KOMERA Original, hot pepper sauce!

“I also want to develop different varieties of sauce, for example milder sauces for those who cannot tolerate the original hot pepper sauce, or even develop different flavours.

“Finally, I would like to move to automatic or semi-automatic production. Currently, I work with manual machines to do labelling, bottling, etc. I produce 1,000 bottles of hot pepper sauce per production. It’s very time consuming. Converting to automatic or semi-automatic would allow me to free up more time to focus on growing my business.”

Claude M. Ndeba concludes, “I would like to thank all my current clients and consumers. They are the reason why KOMERA Original hot pepper sauce exists. I would also like to thank all my suppliers and partners for supporting this business venture.”


(1) List of Winnipeg shops where you can find Komera Original sauce:  Dino Grocery Mart, 84 Isabel St; Dong Thai Ltd, 459 Notre Dame Ave; Millard super market, 460 Notre Dame Ave; African food general, 245 Notre Dame Ave; Timbouctou Market, 712 Langevin St; Sèlo Boutique, 278 Taché Ave; Bharat Grocery, 3-280 St Anne’s Rd; Tasse’s Balkan Foods,185 Stadacona St; Pals Supermarket, 855 McGregor St; Gifted Finger International, 4 – 955 St Mary’s Rd.