About Us

KOMERA INC. is a food company founded in 2019 in Winnipeg, MANITOBA in CANADA. We produce a Seasoned Hot Pepper Sauce called « KOMERA Original ».

A motivated, enthusiastic and dynamic team leads the company. This team works to meet the challenges and achieve the objectives of offering a high quality Seasoned Hot Pepper Sauce « KOMERA Original ».

In KIRUNDI, « KOMERA » is a greeting and a verb. It means « Be strong and be healthy ». This fits perfectly with the ideal of our food company.

Our vision

The vision of the company, KOMERA INC., is to be a world leader in food sector. We want also to be a good jobs provider company.

Our goals.

As our popularity is growing, we want, in short and medium term, to be able to satisfy our national market and to conquer the international market in long term.

Our values ​​and principles

  1. Respect and value people
  2. Honesty and integrity
  3. Innovation
  4. Community engagement

Our slogan

Always KOMERA Original